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How Do I Get My Vehicle Home From Auction?

Buying from an auction can be a great experience. It can also be a bad one as well if you're not prepared for what could happen during the process. Here we will lay out step by step instructions for how you will need to prepare for buying a vehicle from auction and getting it back home to you.

Inspect: Before purchasing the vehicle its always best to go onsite and inspect the vehicle(s) you're interested in for their drivability. Most auctions have a set period of time before the sale that they allow you to physically view the car. Most auctions also have a designated area where you can test drive the vehicle, or at the very least check to make sure it starts, runs, and goes into gear.

Plan: Once you have inspected the vehicle, its time to get a plan of action together. You may have discovered the vehicle needs body parts, such as hoods, bumpers, etc. There may also be mechanical parts that need to be replaced, such as starters, alternators, tires, etc. Any of these needed repairs could result in the vehicle needing to be towed or transported and not drivable from the auctions lot.

If the vehicle is not drivable its best to already have a company ready to pick the vehicle up right after the sale to avoid storage fees from the Auction.

We offer transport services along the East coast of the United States and would be more than happy to transport your vehicle for you.

1. Call Gaston Towing & Transport with your Member/Buyer Number along with your Vehicle Lot Number .

2. We then use this information to verify the vehicle condition and to check if it has been paid for and is ready for release.

3. We'll ask for the address to where you would like the vehicle to be shipped, and will get you an estimate based of your specific needs.

4. Once we have verification of all needed information, we'll collect a half (50%) security deposit then dispatch the job out to one of our trusted transport drivers.

5. After retrieving the vehicle, our office staff we'll contact you with an update and will be ready to collect the other half (50%) payment.

6. Delivery- We will contact you with an updated ETA 1hr from drop off. Drop off is typically done in a wide open space at a commercial location, not at a residence.

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