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Family Owned and Operated

We are the Go-To Business for Towing in Gastonia NC. Gaston Towing and Transport strives to provide quality towing service that will leave our customers happy and satisfied. We have been in the vehicle towing business for over 10 years and take pride in our customer service! 

 Towing Near Me

Means more than just a search on Google

At Gaston Towing and Transport, our purpose is to help one achieve their towing and roadside assistance needs in an economical, efficient, and effective manner. When you search for " Towing Near Me " we know that its more than just a search. This is a plea that you need help. That you or one of your loved ones are stranded on the side of the road and need a reliable towing service. It puts you in a vulnerable position and we understand that. Thats why our promise to you is that we will give you the best towing service experience you've ever had, no matter what you drive. We offer a wide range of towing and transport services that are sure to exceed the various needs of our customers. From Heavy and medium Duty to the common car, our team of qualified professionals can meet the requirements needed to successfully tow or transport any vehicle or equipment that you may have.

We specialize in Heavy Duty Towing and can tow the  largest of vehicles. This includes but does not limit, U-Haul Box Trucks, Work Trucks, Dual Axle Trucks, ETC

If you are ever in an accident, you have the right to call your own towing service rather than letting the police take your car. Call us to have peace of mind as to where your vehicle is going.

Towing Near Me

We Offer More Than Basic Car Towing

  • Car Towing: Whether its an emergency situation or you need to get your car towed to the mechanic, we can handle it.​

  • Winch Outs: We've all been stuck in a nasty situation, but getting your vehicle stuck is a different ball game. If you need a Whinch Out call us today!

  • Heavy Duty Towing: Tractors, Containers, Sheds, you name it we can haul or tow it!

  • Camper Hauling: 5th Wheel camper? Goose Neck trailer? No problem we have the trucks and equipment to tow your camper or trailer.

  • Vehicle Scrap Car Removal: Need to get rid of your JUNKER? We would love to help. We pay TOP DOLLAR for your scrap vehicle.

  • Vehicle Transport services: We specialize in auction transports and long haul towing. Bought a non running vehicle at auction and need someone to tow it for you? We have a team of carriers ready to tow or haul your vehicle.



When we say we will tow anything, we mean ANYTHING. Whether thats Motorcycles, Buildings, Trailers, Boats or Campers, we have your back!


Licensed, Insured, and Experienced

We give your vehicle the WHITE GLOVE treatment. Our staff are professionally trained to tow any vehicle you may have. We are committed to providing safe, reliable Gastonia Towing



We are confident in our services and provide a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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