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3 Safety Tips If You're Broke Down

So What Should You Do If You Break Down?

No one ever likes to break down, and if it were able to be planned, then there wouldn't be a reason for Tow Company's to exist.

  1. Move to a safe location: Moving to a safe location is the number one thing to do when you break down. As breaking down isn't planned, its very important to go ahead and have a game plan ready should it ever happen to you. What is a "Safe" location? A safe location can be anywhere along side of the road that's not part of the normal traffic pattern.

An emergency lane that typically exist on most highways is an example of a safe place to pull over to. Most specifically if you're able to safely get to the right hand emergency lane, that's always a lot safer than the left one, and makes it easier for a tow truck to get to you.

Business parking lot's are a great example of a safe location. Most businesses have plenty of parking and typically don't mind if you temporarily park there. BUT beware, some businesses in high traffic areas may enforce a NO PARKING policy, which could leave you having your vehicle impounded by another towing company (see info about finding your towed vehicle)

2. Make Sure You're Visible: Being visible to other drivers on the road is very important for your safety and so that a tow truck can find you easier. What can you do to make sure your visible?

Turn on your flasher/hazard lights so that other drivers know to proceed with caution when passing or driving by you. This will also help a Towing Service identify your vehicle from others in a crowded parking lot.

Lift your hood to show others that your clearly having car trouble. This is a good way to make yourself visible if your battery has gone dead or for some reason your flashers stop working.

Always carry a flashlight inside of your vehicle for emergency situations. Being broke down on a dark road is not only scary but also very dangerous. Other cars will have a hard time seeing your vehicle which could result in an accident.

3. Have a GO-TO Tow Company In Mind: Most people normally stay within a 50 mile radius on an everyday basis. In which case, its best to have a local towing companies phone number already programmed in your phone or a Roadside assistance card somewhere in your vehicle should you not have service at the time of need.

Call Us ANYTIME at 980-745-3756 for any towing assistance you may need!

If you follow these 3 simple steps, it can make your stressful situation a little less, well, stressful (and safer).

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